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About Us: About Us
Piping Installation Job of PT Cipta Makmur Jaya

About Us

Our Identity

APJ Group

APJ Group is an end-to-end fabrication and construction services having completed both piping and structural projects.

We provide planning, consulting, engineering, project management and construction services.

Our technical expertise has enabled us to work with our clients in delivering a quality workmanship alongside timely document dossiers.

We are currently collaborating and operating on the premises of PT. Nexus Engineering Indonesia.

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Unit of Operations

APJ Group operates via two companies:

  • PT Cipta Makmur Jaya incorported 2012

  • PT Anecan Pratama Jaya incorporated in 2020


Company Profile

Vision & Mission

“To be the preferred fabrication, outfitting and end-to-end engineering project management services”

“Achieving total quality management by constant growth, improvement and equipped with excellence in management team and the latest technology to strive and grow together with our clients”

Integrated Company Policy Statement

The Management is committed to quality excellence.
We  shall,  at  all  times  strive  to  continually  improve  our  products,  processes  and  services,  and comply with all legal and other requirements.

The Management  is  committed  in  the  quest  to  achieve  the  highest standard in the area of occupational health and safety.

The Management  is  committed  in  the  quest  to  achieve  the  highest standard in the area of environmental protection.

All personnel shall endeavor to maintain the professionalism of work, quality, occupational health &
safety and Environmental in services which are provided to the customer.

All  personnel  involved  in  the  testing  work  shall  directly  or  indirectly  adapt  to  the  policies  and
procedures of the management  system. It is their responsibility  to ensure that all work is done in accordance with the policies and procedures that are documented.

The Management is responsible for ensuring the requirements of the documents are met and ensuring the effectiveness of a sustainable management system.

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